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Rajoub: Forming a joint list has not been discussed with Hamas

The Fatah Central Committee will hold a meeting headed by President Mahmoud Abbas next Friday.

Jerusalem24 – The Secretary of the Central Committee of the “Fatah” movement, Jibril Rajoub, said on Saturday evening: “There has not been any consultation with the Hamas movement about forming a joint list,” indicating that the Fatah Central Committee will hold a meeting headed by President Mahmoud Abbas next Friday.

Rajoub added in his interview on Palestine TV that the Fatah movement will run the upcoming legislative elections individually, pointing out that the elections are the only way to end the division and renew the legitimacy of the system.

He stressed: “The agreement with Hamas is part of the success of the electoral process.”

Rajoub indicated that several factions requested the formation of a joint list with Fatah, explaining: “We have not presented to any faction a joint list, including the Popular Front and Hamas, and there are factions that spoke with us about a joint list and we respect that.”

He stated that Fatah will discuss at its next session, its list for the Legislative Council according to the announced mechanisms, pointing out that it will be agreed upon unanimously, and that “geography” will take its right in the list.

He stated that the Fatah movement list for the Legislative Council will include 132 candidates. He also explained that the prisoner Marwan Al-Barghouti and Hussein Al-Sheikh agreed to a national vision and he is committed to it.

Rajoub stressed that Fatah will accept the results of the electoral process, whatever they are, calling on all Palestinian factions to respect the charter of honor signed to control the electoral process.

Regarding the possibility of an amendment to the election law, Rajoub stressed, according to the statement of the head of the Election Commission, Hanna Nasir, that it is impossible to amend the election law after the issuance of the presidential decree.

On the participation of Jerusalemites in the elections, Rajoub said that Jerusalem must have distinction and fairness in the electoral process, adding: “We will not allow the occupation to disrupt the electoral process.”

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