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Ministry of Health: The vaccines will arrive today and tomorrow

Vaccines will be given to medical and health personnel, kidney patients, cancer patients and those over the age of 75.

Jerusalem24 – The Palestinian Ministry of Health stated that the amount of vaccines that will reach Palestine today and tomorrow will be given to medical and health personnel, kidney and cancer patients, and those over 75 years of age.
The Ministry of Health added: Today and tomorrow, 37,440 thousand doses of the Pfizer vaccine will arrive in Palestine, and 24 thousand Astrazhnica vaccine, via the Kovacs Foundation, and we will start next Sunday with vaccination, and regarding the Astrasnica vaccine, it will be stored until there is a scientific decision on it from the World Health Organization.

It added that these quantities are allocated to the northern and southern Governorates, noting that two vaccination centers have been allocated in each Governorate, which is the Health Directorate and the Governmental Hospital in each Governorate, and these centers have been provided with trained health personnel to properly conduct the vaccination process.

The Ministry stated that these clinics and centers where the vaccination will be carried out are linked to the vaccination platform launched by the Ministry of Health, and the names of the vaccinated will be entered on the platform after the process of receiving the vaccination.
The Ministry called on citizens to register on the platform for the vaccination of Covid 19 at the link: https://vaccine.moh.ps/, where a statistical and graphical analysis will be made for the groups registered on the platform and arranged according to the priorities stipulated in the national plan for vaccination.

The Ministry of Health also confirmed that it will be the only body authorized to give vaccines, in order to ensure the safety and quality of vaccines, and to maintain and monitor the cold chain, as stipulated by the World Health Organization.

The Ministry added that the (UNRWA) and all health service providers are essential partners in the stage of giving vaccines in the coming stages in order to vaccinate citizens in camps inside Palestine, noting that the Ministry has made the necessary arrangements with UNICEF, the World Health Organization and UNRWA to vaccinate citizens in the camps.

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