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Good music good milk

Farm owner : "after nearly a year we noticed an increase in milk production by 15-20%."

Jerusalem24 – On the land of the village of Beit Furik, near Nablus, the farm of Al-Amin experimented a famous European study on the use of music to increase the productivity of sheep from milk.

Anan Al-Taher, one of the owners of Al-Amin Farm, says that this experience began by an absolute chance, as an initiative of a friend who is a musician trying to do an experiment in his field of study, which is “the connection of music with increasing milk productivity”. However, the topic yielded impressive results, “so we use this method and play music for two hours every day in the morning, which is the morning period during which milk is produced.”

He added, “After the experiment, sheep showed an interest in music and a high concentration when played. As for productivity, after nearly a year we noticed an increase in milk production by 15-20%.”

It is reported that the farm has 200 sheep that used to produce 100 liters of milk per day and now it is producing 120 liters.

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