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I Am Wild

A Song That Addresses Our Reality As Women

Jerusalem24 – Riham Abu Aita –  Collaborations by Palestinian artists Maysa Daw, Yusr Hamed, Lina Makhoul, Nancy Hawa and Noel Kharman in the song “An Asli Berri” (I am wild), which was produced and released as part of the campaign by Women Against Violence on International Women’s Day 2021.

 Maysa Daw, Yusor Hamed, Lina Makoul, Nancy Hawa, Noel Kharman – Asli Barri 

Jerusalem24 spoke with Maysa Daw to explore the significance of the song, its message, and the audience’s interaction with it.

The song’s message, “I Am Wild”, speaks of the wilderness, freedom, and original place in which we know our truth as women of softness, motherhood and tenderness to strength and ferocity, without any external influences.

According to Daw, “the song is directed from a woman to a woman without addressing any negativity. Rather, it emphasizes knowing my value and praying as a woman, and on accepting differences, whatever they are.”

The idea of ​​the song

The idea started with the Women Against Violence Association, which contacted me and expressed its desire to make a song on the occasion of International Women’s Day. Then I contacted Yusr Hamed, and we started to formulate the idea and write the words, and then we chose Nancy Hawa, Lina Makhoul, and Noel Kharman. We deliberately selected artists with differences in their singing style, personality and geographic region.

The interaction between us was very wonderful despite our differences. We worked on choosing the lyrics and melodies that present the song as one harmonious syllable, while preserving the space and personality of each singer.

Feedback on the song

I am very happy with the echoes and interaction with the song. Especially since it was accomplished in a short period of time and in exceptional circumstances.

With every action there is also criticism or attack, but in my opinion this is a very important part. It is important to know how the audience feels when listening to any song. It is also important to open the discussion on the topic of the song, regardless of whether the discussion is in favor of the work or not.

The significance of the phrase “bring me some crowns for those kings who have carried us,” this line is a thank you to the men who have supported us with our lives, and they know very well how important it is to be with each other and to provide support to each other. So I thought to give them importance in this line, and to thank them. Especially since I didn’t feel like I had highlighted that in previous songs.

The importance of the timing

Unfortunately, I do not remember any period during which we did not hear about cases of violence or murder, so working on these songs is important at any time. But I think that releasing the song on International Women’s Day is very appropriate to raise women and support each other as women, and to give room for our strength and our weakness as well, which is part of our strength.

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