Displacement crimes in Sheikh Jarrah and calls for intervention

Al-Hidmi calls on the international community to immediately intervene to stop the displacement operations in Silwan and Sheikh Jarrah

Jerusalem24– The Minister of Jerusalem Affairs, Fadi Al-Hidmi, called on the international community to immediately and urgently intervene to stop the displacement of Palestinians from their homes in Sheikh Jarrah and Silwan in occupied East Jerusalem.

In this regard, he referred to several decisions issued successively by Israeli courts to evict dozens of Palestinians from their homes, Sheikh Jarrah and Silwan, which threaten dozens of Palestinian families.

Al-Hidmi said, “In the past months, many international and Arab statements of condemnation have been issued for the decisions to evacuate Palestinians from the homes they have lived in since before the Israeli occupation in 1967.”

He added, “The international community is required to intervene immediately and urgently to pressure the Israeli government to stop the displacement operations in the occupied city, in light of the Israeli governmental and judicial institutions’ insistence on striking international legitimacy decisions.

Al-Hedmi indicated that the displacement operations are purely political aimed at implementing settlement plans.

He said, “What is happening is a settlement replacement process in the context of a programmed plan to expel Palestinians from their land and property with the aim of replacing settlers in their place.”

He added, “The Israeli government and settlement groups use the Israeli judiciary as a tool to pass settlement plans that fall under the category of ethnic cleansing by expelling the Palestinians and replacing them with settlers.”

The Minister of Jerusalem Affairs indicated that the issue of evicting Palestinians from their properties in East Jerusalem in general, and Silwan and Sheikh Jarrah in particular, is one of the most dangerous and largest files that the Palestinian government is pursuing.

He said, “In Sheikh Jarrah, residents since 1974 have faced unfair lawsuits demanding them to evacuate in favor of settler organizations that want to establish a settlement on the rubble of these homes.”

The Minister of Jerusalem Affairs warned of the escalation of displacement and ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians with the approach of the Israeli elections, which turn the Palestinians into fuel for them.

Al-Hidmi welcomed the stances issued by the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan against Israeli settlements, calling on other Arab and Islamic countries to adopt similar positions.

He saluted the Palestinians in Sheikh Jarrah and Silwan who cling to their properties and struggle to preserve these properties. He also welcomed the movements of the jurists, civil society and the active forces in the city of Jerusalem to support the residents in their legitimate struggle to preserve their property.

Al-Hidami said, “What is happening is a crime that violates all international norms and laws that calls for urgent and immediate intervention by the international community.”

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