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Palestinian detainee released after 15 years

Ra'fat al-Qarawi was arrested in Jericho in 2006

Jerusalem24 – Palestinian Ra’fat al-Qarawi, also known as Abdullah al-Qarawi, from Ein Kenia was released today on Thursday. Al-Qarawi, spent his last days in prison at the Israeli Naqab prison, located in the southern desert after 15 years of detention by Israel.

Al-Qarawi, who was arrested by Israel in 2006. When Israeli military forces stormed the Palestinian prison in Jericho where al-Qarawi and Ahmed Sa’adat, Secretary General of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, were being held by Palestinian authorities.

Al-Qarawi made headlines in 2012, when he was one of several Palestinian prisoners who smuggled their sperm out to their families. This gave a chance for his family to receive their son Amer.

Al-Qarawi suffered difficult health conditions during his imprisonment, a matter that worried his family as there was a lack of official or accurate information about his health.

According to the Palestinian prisoners’ club, al-Qarawi was one of 5 Palestinians released by Israel today. From the Naqab desert prison, Ali Darwish from Jerusalem was released after 5 years, along with Nabeel Hisham Kaisieh from Hebron after 5 years and Jamal Ghayada of Nahalin after spending 6 and a half years. Mohammad Zamrah of Ramallah was released from Ofer Prison after 15 years.


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