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Dawara, a hip-hop artist’s letter to rise up

Dave Kirreh returns with a single about confidence and self-esteem

Jerusalem24 – Palestinian rapper Dave Kirreh, released another hip-hop song called “Dawara”; following the success of his single “Sami”.

Just like his fans have been accustomed to, the new song addresses a meaningful cause through clear and concise lyrics in both the Egyptian and Palestinian dialects.

The artist spoke about the song prior to its release in cooperation with Universal Music MENA on February 6, and indicated that it calls for confronting life’s challenges and difficulties through self-confidence and self-pride.

Kirreh has always been frank and open about this issue. In his song “Sami”, he addressed the health and psychological challenges that he personally faced, and expressed his reconciliation with them because they contributed to the formation of his current personality.

“Dawara” is the fruit of a collaboration between my village, who composed and compiled, and Dongle, who took over the production.

“Dawara” quickly achieved remarkable success, especially since the artist used the Palestinian and Egyptian dialects to convey his message, as it garnered more than half a million views within a few weeks after it was first shown on the YouTube channel “YouMusic Arabia” in Arabic.

The song, with its purposeful message and influential music, is in harmony with Dev’s portfolio, which is rich in political and cultural heritage. As Dongle moves quietly and determinedly forward with the stream of electronic music, “Dawara” comes as a new step in my Kirreh’s journey to be the next voice of the younger generation.

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