Ministry of Education renews its rejection of a non-Palestinian curriculum in Jerusalem’s schools

In cooperation with parents and the overwhelming majority of school administrations, Ministry of Education to stem any attempt to circumvent the Palestinian national curriculum.

Jerusalem24 – The Ministry of Education renewed its rejection of any attempt to coincide with any plans to pass or adopt any non-Palestinian curriculum in occupied Jerusalem schools.

It stressed that it will not hesitate to deal firmly with any school that may be consistent with the attempts to replace any curriculum or system that is not Palestinian in private and non-private schools in Jerusalem, as this may require legal and administrative accountability, by virtue of the national, educational and legal risks it entails.

In a statement, the ministry said that the integration of the relevant Palestinian parties strengthened the unity and solidity of the educational and national position, in order to preserve the rights of our children, the identity, the national narrative, and the general secondary examination system, despite all the attempts of the occupation authority in Jerusalem, as we are witnessing new attempts to get some Jerusalem schools to adopt Non-Palestinian education systems and curriculum.

The Ministry called on civil society institutions to take a stand on repeated attempts to target Palestinian education in occupied Jerusalem, and to provide all support to the efforts of the Jerusalemite community to maintain Palestinian education in the city.

It also affirmed that it would spare no effort, in cooperation with parents and the overwhelming majority of school administrations, to stem any attempt to circumvent our national curriculum, and its pride in the attitudes of parents and most Jerusalem schools who are fighting for the right of Jerusalem children to study their national curriculum, and commitment to the Palestinian education system and all its components.

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