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Health Ministry: The pandemic situation is getting worse in Palestine

Occupancy status of hospital beds has reached 100%

Jerusalem24 – Today, Monday, officials at the Ministry of Health confirmed that the epidemiological situation in all governorates in the West Bank is deteriorating further.

Wissam Sobihat, the official in charge of the Corona virus file at the Ministry of Health in the northern West Bank, said during an interview with Voice of Palestine Radio, that the epidemiological situation in all governorates has started to deteriorate sharply, and the cases that are recorded have symptoms and need special sections for treatment.

He pointed out that today about 70 cases of the virus have been diagnosed, indicating that the danger does not lie in the recorded numbers, but rather the symptoms that began to appear on patients, given that the occupancy status of hospital beds has reached 100%.

“We still rely on the citizen’s awareness, and today there will be a big round in maintaining the shops to motivate them to adhere to,” he said.

He noted that until this moment, there is no recommendation from the Ministry of Health for a comprehensive re-lockdown.

He pointed out that the Corona treatment department has been equipped at the Ibn Sina Specialized Hospital, indicating that an agreement will be signed tomorrow with the Ministry of Health to transfer patients from government to private hospitals.

For his part, Hussam Walweel, Director of the Ministry of Health in Qalqilya Governorate, said that the occupancy rate in the Martyr Omar Al-Qasim Hospital reached 98%.

He pointed out that an urgent meeting will be held today for the Supreme Emergency Committee in Qalqilya, and important decisions will be issued that may reach a total closure of 14 days as a minimum.

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