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Israel to go back to normal life while intensive care units reached 95% capacity in Palestine

Al-Najjar : there are still no specific dates for the arrival of vaccines to Palestine.

Jerusalem24 – The responsible for the Corona file in the southern West Bank, Afif Atawneh, confirmed the large spread of new mutations of the Coronavirus in the southern region, indicating that the occupancy rate of intensive care units reached 95 percent.
Atawneh added, in an interview with Voice of Palestine Radio, this morning, Saturday, that those infected with the new mutations have severe symptoms, indicating that they affect young people, warning that the number of deaths will increase during the coming period if citizens do not adhere to public safety measures.

The Director-General of Supportive Health Services, Osama Al-Najjar, warned of a health disaster due to the high number of infections with the Coronavirus, indicating that the current infection numbers are deceptive and unreal and must be doubled due to the reluctance of citizens to conduct tests.
Al-Najjar added that the British and South African mutations had become widespread, indicating that this would lead to difficulty in providing medical care to the infected, “after the young age groups of less than 30 years old show symptoms the situation is more difficult than it was previously.”
Regarding the provision of vaccines, Al-Najjar stressed that there are still no specific dates for the arrival of vaccines to Palestine, calling on citizens to adhere to health measures, to distance themselves and to wear masks.

Meanwhile the third phase of lifting the restrictions imposed on public life in Israel, as part of the health closure measures due to the spread of the Corona virus starts today, Sunday.

Among the things that will return to its usual activity is to study in grades seven to ten in towns classified in green, yellow and orange, where a high percentage of the population has been vaccinated with the Corona virus vaccine.

As of Sunday, a maximum of twenty people are allowed to gather in covered places and fifty people in open places in all population centers, except for those classified in red, which indicates the seriousness of the virus spreading in them.

The facilities also include opening restaurants and small cafes to all citizens.

As for large restaurants, weddings, event halls, and dining rooms in hotels, they will be opened only to vaccinated citizens and those recovered from the virus.

It is scheduled that the Israeli government will ratify this evening the regulations for implementing the third phase of these facilitations.

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