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24 violations of Palestinian content during February

Social platforms monitoring group documents violations against Palestinian content.

Jerusalem24 – Sada Social Center, a Palestinian youth initiative that monitors social media platforms, said in a new report that social media platforms continue to frequently violate the right of Palestinian content.

It said that during February, the Center documented 24 violations on social media – Facebook has 18 violations, Instagram five violations, and Twitter two violations.

The Center said Facebook is continuing to target the Palestinian content in several ways like restricting access, preventing publication, reducing the interaction of many Palestinian pages, and the feature of the live broadcast continues to be banned for many activists and journalists.

On the other hand, thousands around the world interacted with the “Facebook … We Need to Talk” campaign, during which a petition was submitted with the signing of nearly 53,000 people to several branches of the Facebook company denouncing the site’s intention to consider the term “Zionism” as part of hate speech.

The campaign warns of the escalation of arbitrary Facebook measures against Palestinian content, especially with the tendency to stigmatize criticism of Zionism with anti-Semitism.

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