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The occupation transfers the wounded prisoner, Nour Al-Baitawi despite his difficult health condition

The occupation forces arrested Al-Baitawi prisoner, at dawn on February 8th, and shot him with live bullets

Jerusalem24 – The Israeli Prisons Administration transferred the wounded prisoner, Nour Al-Baitawi (30 years), from Afula Hospital to Ramla prison, despite his difficult health condition, as he recently underwent several surgeries, during which part of his intestine was removed.

The prisoners’ club stated, in a press release, today, Wednesday, that the transfer of the Al-Baitawi prisoner to the “Ramla” prison, despite his urgent need to stay in the hospital, puts his life at double risk, especially since the “Ramla Clinic” is part of the central tools of the policy of deliberate and systematic medical negligence (Slow killing), as it was and still is a station for carrying out more medical violations against the prisoners.

He pointed out that the occupation forces arrested Al-Baitawi prisoner, at dawn on February 8th, and shot him with live bullets, and hit him directly in the abdomen, after which he was transferred to Afula Hospital, with a serious health condition, where he remained under artificial respirators.

The Prisoners’ Club held the occupation authorities fully responsible for the life of the Palestinian prisoner, and all the wounded and sick prisoners in the occupation prisons, who face a set of systematic abuse policies, which have caused the death of dozens of sick prisoners over the past years.

The World Health Organization and the International Red Cross demanded an end to the violations and the ongoing crimes against the sick prisoners. At a time when humanity is facing the Corona Pandemic, the occupation continues to arrest more Palestinian citizens, and carries out more violations and crimes against them.

It is noteworthy that the al-Baitawi prisoner from Jenin camp, a former prisoner and a wounded man, spent seven years in the occupation prisons, before his release in 2017, he is married and father to a three-month-old child, knowing that he lost his mother during his previous detention, and he has a brother in Israeli prisons, Alaa al-Baitawi.

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