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Fears of the new strain coming from New York

The Israeli government is studying a 4th Lockdown before the elections.

Jerusalem24 – The Hebrew Channel 13 says in its report that the New York mutation is similar in characteristics to the South African mutation, which is considered less resistant to antibodies that form in the body after infection with a virus or vaccine. And unlike the British mutation, there is no evidence at this point that the New York variant is more contagious or causes more severe disease.

Although the mutation has been known for several months, medical teams at Columbia University reported a “steady increase in the presence of the variable in samples over the past three months”.

According to their study, “the main concern of the mutation is that its effect on the proteins on the cover of the virus will make vaccines less effective against it.” However, the strain has not developed complete resistance to the vaccine and thus remains not particularly worrisome, the report says.

Earlier this week, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that he intends to bring another 36 million vaccines to Israel in the near future, explaining that “the vaccine is valid for a period of six months to a year, and without more vaccines, the Corona will return within six months to Infinity.”
But according to experts, it is not at all certain that the dozens of vaccines Netanyahu intends to purchase are really necessary.

Professor Zvika Granot from the Faculty of Medicine at the Hebrew University added, “There is no study so far indicating that the vaccine is effective for only half a year. Likewise, no one has proven that there is a new mutation every six months.”

Professor Granot explained that the process of forming mutations in viruses is normal, and there is no reason to fear any development in this matter.

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