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The kickoff of the exhibition and challenge phase for the Palestinian elections 2021

The Central Elections Commission is expecting a slight decrease in the number of voters at the end of this stage.

Jerusalem24 – The Central Elections Commission announced this morning, Monday, the exhibition and challenge on the preliminary voter for a period of 3 days, ending next Wednesday evening, in accordance with the declared legal terms for the Palestinian elections 2021.

The Commission stated in a press release that the 1090 the exhibition and challenge centers are the same in which the polling process will take place. They opened their doors today for a period of three days from eight in the morning until three in the evening, during which citizens wishing to verify and correct their data or object to the registration of others in the registry of voters who do not have the right to vote, through special forms that are filled out at the the exhibition and challenge center or in the electoral district office and the Commission decides therein quickly, any citizen can object to the Commission ’s decision by going to the Electoral Cases Court, whose decision is final.

In this regard The Central Elections Commission explained the importance of this stage as it allows citizens to verify the validity of the voter register and the data contained in it, or to object to the registration of others, in order at the end of which a final, accurate, and comprehensive voter register will be produced on the basis of which the Palestinian elections 2021 will be held; Both legislative and presidential.

It also stressed the need for citizens who go to the exhibition and challenge centers, to adhere to the approved health protocol and procedures to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus, which include avoiding overcrowding and spacing, and wearing protective masks and gloves.

The Commission pointed out that any citizen can view and verify his data either by going to the exhibition and challenge center registered therein, or through the committee’s website www.elections.ps or through the inquiry service by calling (* 600 #) or the Hotline free number (1800300400) .

Noting that last week, The Central Elections Commission completed training about 1,400 male and female employees working during this stage on the exhibition and challenge procedures, which include publishing the voter register, receiving objections, complaints and reporting, as well as mechanisms for deciding on them.

The Elections Commission indicated that the number of people entitled to vote according to the primary voter register amounted to 2.54 million citizens, which is less than those who registered for the elections, as a result of the revision of the data and the removal of the names of the deceased and those under the age of 18 on the day of the poll, expecting a slight decrease in this number at the end of the stage of the exhibition and challenge.

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