Settlers carry out several attacks on Jerusalemites and their properties

During their celebrations of the "Purim" holiday settlers attacked people and properties in Jerusalem.

Jerusalem24 – Settlers carried out today several attacks on Jerusalemites and their property, in the city, during their celebrations of the “Purim” holiday.

In the evening hours, settlers assaulted boys while they were in front of their homes in the Old City of Jerusalem, and when the residents went out to inspect the matter, verbal altercations took place, and the police stormed the place and arrested 3 residents, and referred them for investigation.

In Al-Amoud gate area, Street No. 1, and Al-Misrara, settlers threw stones at Jerusalem’s vehicles as they passed by, causing the windows of several vehicles to shatter, and during that the police deployed in the area in large numbers.

In the “one hundred Shaareem” neighborhood in West Jerusalem, dozens of settlers assaulted a bus driver while he was working and surrounded him completely. During his attempt to flee from them, he ran over a settler whose death was announced later, while the police pursued the young Jerusalemite, arrested him and transferred him for treatment.

Initial investigations indicated that the Palestinian driver works for the Herzog Medical Center, and the driver said that he felt in danger after throwing stones at him, so he tried to flee several times, which led to running over one of the people on the scene.

In the afternoon, settlers attacked the boy, Muhammad Hussein Abu Al-Homs, while he was in the “French Hill” settlement, which is several meters away from his place of residence in Al-Issawiya.

In the morning hours, dozens of settlers performed prayers and drank wine at the gates of Al-Aqsa who then stormed the mosque and performed their rituals there.

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