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Ghannam: Hospitals are over flowing with cases, and medical staff are exhausted

Leila Ghannam, governor of Ramallah and Al-Bireh, speaks about the pandemic in Ramallah.

Jerusalem24 – The governor of Ramallah and Al-Bireh governorate, Dr. Laila Ghanem, confirmed that the hospitals in Ramallah governorate are in a very difficult and bad situation, and that the medical staff have been exhausted.

She said: “The reports that reached us from the Ramallah Health Directorate show an increase in the number of Coronavirus infections, and the rate of infections among teachers and students is large, so the decision was taken by the government to close schools for a period of 12 days.”

Ghannam stated this during an interview on the program “Good Morning” with the journalist Riyad Khamis, which broadcasts on Radio Fourteen and the Maan Satellite TV station. She also stated that that the governorate is helping to alleviate the epidemic situation and secure some equipment such as artificial respirators, stressing that more should be done and that violators of the procedures should be fined and made an example for others in order to preserve the lives of citizens.

Ghannam also indicated that the Chambers of Commerce fought a fierce fight so that there would be no complete lockdown, adding, “We, in turn, have contacted the Chamber of Commerce in the governorate, and during the next two days, there will be measures and intensive work to protect citizens.”

On the commitment of the citizens in the Ramallah and Al-Bireh governorate, Ghannam said, “Ramallah is a focal point in measures because of its proximity to the center of decision-making, and there is an iron commitment by citizens compared to other governorates, but the commitment in city centers is greater than the villages around them, some villages are under Israeli control, and the security services cannot impose measures in them, such as the KufrAqab area.”

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