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A sharp rise in corona infections and hospitals are full of patients

Al-Najjar : there is no specific date for the arrival of the vaccine.

Jerusalem24 – The Director General of Supportive Medical Services at the Ministry of Health, Dr. Osama Al-Najjar, said that there is a dramatic increase in a very strange way in the number of infections with the Corona virus, cases that have been admitted to hospitals, and the number of people in intensive care rooms connected to artificial respirators, stressing that the beds in hospitals have become full of Corona patients and the numbers are on the rise more than expected.

Al-Najjar added that the British mutation is spreading all over Palestine and therefore the number of infections is on the rise.

On the new mutations of the virus, Al-Najjar indicated that mutations have the ability to spread six times more than the normal virus. Adding that the epidemiological curve over the past two weeks was stable and there was a decrease in cases, and infections in some governorates constituted 2% of the total number of tests, but now it jumped to 25% of the number of samples withdrawn, and this indicates the rapid spread of the British mutation, stressing that until this moment there is 186 British mutation cases, and the ministry is conducting examinations to ensure the presence of mutations, especially the dangerous one, which is the Brazilian.

The Director General of Medical Services at the Ministry of Health also said: “People return to practicing their old habits, such as holding weddings and Mourning homes, not adhering to preventive and health measures, and social distancing. All of this was the cause of the rapid spread of the virus, and Hebron Governorate, for example, on Fridays and Saturdays, the shops do not comply  with the lock down”.

Al-Najjar stressed that in light of the high epidemic curve, the government must impose closure and preventive measures, because betting on the citizen’s awareness did not bear fruit.

With regard to the vaccine and the date of its arrival in Palestine, he said there is still no information about when the vaccine will arrive in Palestine, and there is a great problem in the countries of the world. Hence, the World Health Organization raised its voice loudly and said that the great countries failed the moral test, due to their inability to provide the vaccine in a timely manner fair to all countries of the world, as we find that the poor countries that are unable to provide the vaccine have been lost under the feet of the superpowers in light of their competition for the companies producing the vaccine.

Finally, Al-Najjar explained that the World Health Organization is communicating with the Ministry of Health through the Kovacs Foundation to deliver a number of doses to the Palestinian people, in addition to the meeting that took place between the Israeli and Palestinian Ministry of Health, where it was confirmed that Israel would provide 100,000 doses for workers and another 100,000 doses for later use for citizens, indicating that 5000 medical staff were vaccinated in the first stage of vaccinations, with either the Russian vaccine or the Pfizer vaccine.

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