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The European Union clarifies the reality of stopping aid to the Palestinian Authority

Israeli media reported that EU's support for the Palestinian Authority will diminish if the latter cancels the election and the EU explains.

Jerusalem24 – The European Union’s office in Jerusalem said  that it was “surprised by what was reported in some Israeli media outlets about reducing Europe’s support for the Palestinian Authority if the legislative elections are canceled.”

The office added in a statement: “There was no statement on this subject.”

The Hebrew Kan channel reported on Sunday, that European officials have sent a message to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, stating that if he cancels the legislative elections in May, Europe’s support for the Palestinian Authority will diminish.

The channel added: “They said that they will not be able to continue to accept the situation in which the European Union and European countries continue to pour millions into the Palestinian Authority without seeing a democratic process and change.”

The European Union spokesperson had welcomed the decree to hold general elections in Palestine, saying: “This is a welcomed development as participatory, representative and accountable democratic institutions are the key to self-determination and state building for Palestinians.”

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