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World Bank explains Palestinian Authorities’ failure to vaccinate

The PA is 30 million dollars short of obtaining vaccines for the Palestinians.

Jerusalem24 – On Monday, the World Bank released a report on how the Palestinian vaccination plan against Covid-19 is facing a funding shortfall of 30 million dollars, even after taking into account the support provided by global programs to support the poor countries.

The Bank stated that Israel, which is one of the leaders in the world in terms of the speed of vaccination, may consider donating surplus doses to the Palestinians. Which can help start a vaccination campaign in the West Bank and Gaza.

The World Bank said, “The cost estimates indicate that about 55 million dollars are needed in total to cover 60 percent of the population, and there is currently a shortfall of 30 million dollars.” The bank called for additional aid from donors.

The Palestinians began vaccination this month and have received small donations from Israel, Russia and the United Arab Emirates, according to Reuters. But the doses obtained so far, which amount to approximately 32 thousand doses, are much less than the Palestinian population in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, which is 5.2 million.

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