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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemns the daily crimes of the Israeli occupation

The Foreign Ministry calls on the world to follow up on international reports on Israeli violations.

Jerusalem24 – The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates has condemned the daily violations and crimes of the occupation and its settlers against Palestinians. It is highly appreciative of the documentation and exposures of the Israeli human rights and humanitarian organizations against our people, and hopes that (OCHA) will work to ensure that this report and previous and subsequent reports reach all countries of the world to witness what Israel is doing and is committed by its racist, colonial, and dissolving regime in the Palestinian territories under the pretext of organizing the life of the people under occupation or under the pretext of self-defense.

The ministry said in a statement issued by it that every step taken by Israel is contrary to international law, and it is difficult to find one step in it for the benefit of the citizens under occupation or to improve their conditions and needs, and their refusal to introduce Corona vaccines to the West Bank or transfer them to Gaza is the latest evidence of such policies, for the occupation state is delusional. By allowing the introduction of small samples of these vaccines, it can delude the world that it has fulfilled its obligations as an occupying power or stopped international criticism of it. We hope that this international report will receive the attention it deserves, the follow-up and international measures to stop and prevent the continuation of these policies contrary to international law, which rise to the level of crimes against humanity.

She indicated that the daily monitoring and documentation processes carried out by human rights and humanitarian organizations, whether local or international, for crimes and violations committed by the Israeli occupation in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, statistics and figures that are put into periodic reports that are highlighted and are always at the forefront of local and international news in some cases before these reports decline with the daily tragedies it carries in news bulletins and media sites in favor of other hot events from different regions of the world, without these reports taking their right not only to display the dark images and crimes they contain, but to follow them and ensure their access to International decision-making, they do not receive attention, even formally, by many parties and states that praise human rights and freedoms morning and evening, so these reports and what they contain passes unnoticed in front of an international community that no longer cares about what the Palestinian citizen is exposed to at the hands of the Israeli killing machine.

In this context, comes the latest report published by the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OCHA), which tried to summarize some of the daily attacks on the Palestinians. These figures, facts and tragic images contained in the latest report of (OCHA) are not much different from what was shown in previous reports, or the reports issued by local, regional and international human rights organizations and bodies, they all monitor what the Palestinian is exposed to and put it before an international community that claims to protect humans and their rights.

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