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Hebron municipality deals with more than 500 SOS calls during the snowstorm

No injuries were recorded and assistance was provided to dozens of stuck vehicles that slipped at the beginning of the snowfall.

Jerusalem24 – Since the beginning of the snow storm, the operating room crews in the Hebron municipality and its electricity have dealt with 500 SOS calls, all of which arrived through the emergency numbers that were published by the Media Department before the storm as part of awareness and guidance messages to deal with the snow storm.

The various municipality crews, through snow removal mechanisms, opened the main streets, especially those leading to the city’s hospitals, in addition to transporting dialysis patients to hospitals and stranded citizens to their homes.

The Hebron municipality firefighters dealt with a group of different fires, as all of them were controlled and surrounded, and no injuries were recorded in the aforementioned incidents, in addition to providing assistance to dozens of stuck vehicles that slipped  at the beginning of the snowfall.

Hebron electricity worked to restore electricity to separate areas in the city in record time after power cuts from it due to external and internal faults as a result of the air depression, to record the continuation of electricity in the city despite the increased loads, which were dealt with in transferring the loads to additional stations due to the steady increase in citizens use of electric energy for heating purpose.

The sanitation department also worked to facilitate the drainage of rainwater that accumulated in some areas as a result of the abundance of rain and heavy snow, and the agriculture department continued the process of cutting some trees that were affected by the force of winds, in order to preserve the safety of citizens and the electricity networks, while the water department continued their follow up from the field and the areas included in the table of Water distribution and all complaints received by them.

The mayor of Hebron, Professor Tayseer Abu Sneina, confirmed that all municipality and electricity staff are still in charge of their work all the time since the arrival of the storm, pointing out that the municipality’s mechanisms have spread throughout the city to respond to all calls and deal with them quickly, appreciating the efforts of the municipality and electricity staff Which has preferred the comfort of citizens to their comfort despite the difficult weather conditions, thanking the citizens for their cooperation with the municipality staff to get out of this polar storm safely and without any accidents.

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