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Israel: European efforts to blacklist the Israeli army

The European Union denied the existence of any report in this regard, saying, "We are not aware of the mentioned activities."

Jerusalem24 – The European Union is funding millions in a series of activities aimed at including the Israeli army on the list of organizations that abuse children and that abuse them, including “ISIS” and “Al-Qaeda,” according to Israel Today.

The campaign is being coordinated and promoted from inside Israel in close cooperation with left-wing organizations and UN agencies.

The European Union denied the existence of any report in this regard, saying, “We are not aware of the mentioned activities.”

The contents and contents of the “Children’s Campaign” were developed in accordance with the directives of the United Nations (UNICEF) and the United Nations Palestinian Authority (OCHA), which are organizations that have been active for decades in documenting and recording violations of the Israeli occupation army against Palestinian children and seek to include it on the blacklist, which is an annual list that includes Associations, organizations and institutions that violate children’s rights, as the list is published by the United Nations.

The Israeli newspaper pointed out that the “Children Campaign” has been going on for nearly two years, through serial reports issued by left-wing organizations describing Israeli soldiers as systematic and continuous abuse of Palestinian children.
An investigation by the Monitor Institute for NGOs revealed that the campaign was taking place from inside Israel, with the help of periodic coordination meetings of its leaders. Some of them are foreigners who obtained visas to enter Israel and others are United Nations employees, and at the same time OCHA’s address is located in East Jerusalem near the Ministry of Justice on St. George Street.

The institute’s investigation also showed that funding for the campaign comes from European countries and the European Union. Since 2018, the European Union has provided funding for at least 3.2 million euros for projects promoting the “Children’s Campaign”, along with 6.7 million from European governments (the United Kingdom, Norway, Belgium, Switzerland, etc.) and UN frameworks. The NGO Monitor warns that other operations against Israel in the United Nations, such as the blacklist of the Human Rights Council, so even in this case, the Israeli army may find itself on the list.

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