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Palestinians register in droves for upcoming elections

Voter registration turn-out reached 96%

Jerusalem24 – Jamil Al-Khalidi, the regional director of the Central Elections Committee, said today Thursday, that the registration stage for the elections ended according to the schedule set by the committee. He confirmed in a statement to the Ma’an News Agency that there is a very high turnout by citizens, whether in the West Bank or the Gaza Strip, as the percentage exceeded 93% at the level of the West Bank and Gaza Strip, explaining that the governorates of the Strip were the highest, reaching about 96%.

Al-Khalidi explained that the next stage after the registration of voters on the Central Election Commission website, where a preliminary register will be issued for 2 million and 600 thousand voters, the data will be entered in the data entry center. afterwards the primary register will be displayed at the beginning of March for a period of three days. This stage is called publishing and objection, and thus the objection and the handling of any possible complaints in this regard are presented to the Election Commission and the Election Cases Court, whose decision is final in deciding on any case presented. He also stressed that after the completion of this stage we will have a final election record that will be adopted in the legislative and presidential elections process.


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