United States: 7 new variants of Corona virus discovered

A new study claimed that researchers discovered seven different variants of the Corona virus.

Jerusalem24 – A new study claimed that researchers discovered seven different variants of the Corona virus in the United States, with a mutation in the same gene expression.

And it has been detected in states across the country, and it is not yet clear if the strains are more contagious, but researchers are concerned.

Jeremy Kamel, a virologist at the Shreveport Center for Health Sciences at Louisiana State University, told the New York Times: “It’s clear that something is going on with this boom.”

He explained that he was arranging the Corona virus samples when he noticed the new variants, which contain mutations on the amino acid itself. The newspaper reported that scientists are concerned that mutations may facilitate the virus to enter human cells.

Kamel said that all viruses belong to the same lineage, and after entering the genome into an online database used by other scientists, he learned that there are scientists in New Mexico who also found the same variant with the same mutation.

The strain that Kamel discovered, dates back to December 1, and samples from New Mexico date back to October, but it is unclear when these variants actually began. Samples from all over the country appeared with this variant, but with limited genome sequences, it is difficult to understand how common these mutant viruses are.

“I would be very reluctant to give an origin site for any of these strains at this time,” said Emma Hodcroft, an epidemiologist at the University of Bern and the author of the new study.

The study was not subjected to peer review. Experts told the Times that additional trials are needed to assess whether these mutations affect disease transmission or infection.

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