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International Criminal Court respond to Netanyahu

What did the International Criminal Court respond to Netanyahu and the decision to investigate Israel's crimes?

Jerusalem24 – The International Criminal Court issued a document explaining the significance of its decision from the investigation it intends to open into the Israeli crimes in the West Bank, through which it responded to the criticisms directed against it, including the accusations of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, directed against it.

The document, which included questions and answers, according to what was published by the Hebrew newspaper “Israel Hayom”, stated that the decision is not of a political nature, because “the plaintiff dealt with the legal case for the region, which includes the West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem, which are subject to international law and the jurisdiction of the court.” More clarification is needed regarding these areas. ”

In response to Netanyahu’s statements, the court wrote in the document: “The court is an independent and impartial judicial body that acts as a decisive tool and provides legal solutions to the most serious crimes under international law. The International Criminal Court operates only within the judicial framework of international law and the Treaty of Rome that granted it these powers.”

The same document indicated that the decision is subject to appeal, and it includes clarifications of the necessary conditions for this.

It also stated in the document in detail that the court’s decision is not considered a decision to conduct any investigation and that the attorney general of the court will be required to decide whether or not such an investigation is to be conducted.

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