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Israel plans to buy millions of vaccines for future storage

4 million vaccinations -in order to diversify the stock of vaccines and prepare for the future.

Jerusalem24 – Israel is in advanced talks to buy doses from two other companies, whose vaccines are working with a technology different from those that have arrived in Israel so far.

The goal, according to Israeli Army Radio, is to purchase vaccine doses that work with different technologies from those of Pfizer and Moderna, in order to diversify the stock of vaccines and prepare for the future.

Finance Minister Israel Katz confirmed that Israel intends to purchase millions of doses of the vaccine in preparation for the possibility that Israeli citizens will be vaccinated against the virus next year.

“There is an intention for a very intensive operation to purchase tens of millions of doses of the vaccine,” he said.
Meanwhile, about 4 million Israelis have received vaccination against the new Corona virus, while it was observed, yesterday, Monday, that the daily number of those who received the vaccination reached 156,000, an increase that is the first in more than two weeks, according to what the Israeli Ministry of Health said today, Tuesday.

Israeli Health Minister Yuli Edelstein said, “Now it is official, whoever does not receive the vaccination will remain behind, as privileges will be granted to restaurants and those who have recovered from the Corona virus, which are privileges that enable them to shop, enter malls,  use touristic, cultural, sports and entertainment facilities.”

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