For the first time Iran announces when it will withdraw its forces from Syria

The statement comes warning Israel from any actions it will regret.

Jerusalem24 – Chief assistant to the Iranian foreign minister, Ali Asghar Hajji, warned today, Sunday, that “Israel will face a decisive response that it will regret if it crosses the red lines,” stressing that “Iran’s presence in Syria is an advisory presence and will continue until the desire of the government and the Syrian people.”

Commenting on the repeated Israeli strikes on points belonging to Iran and Hezbollah, Asghar Hajji said, in an interview with “Sputnik”, that “the nature of the Zionist entity (Israel) since its inception is naturally hostile and repressive in the region, and this was their behavior against the Palestinian people and against neighboring countries,” adding that ” While the Syrian government is fighting terrorism, Israel is helping the terrorists. ”

“The goal of our presence in Syria is to combat ISIS and terrorist entities, but if the Zionist entity wants to cross the red lines, it will face a decisive response that will regret its behavior,” he stressed.

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