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Thousands mourn Palestinian student killed by Israeli police

Protests against the spread of violence and police complicity in the Arab community

Jerusalem24 – Thousands of mourners participated in the funeral of Palestinian student Ahmed Hegazy, Tuesday night, who was shot by the Israeli police the night before. The funeral ceremony began from the house of his family in “Bir al-Tira” to Street 70, where the funeral and dinner prayers were held on the street.

Protesters chanted at the funeral and protested the crime.

In conjunction with the funeral ceremonies in Tamra, demonstrations took place in several Arab towns to protest the spread of violence, crime and police complicity in the Arab community. The circumstances of the crime happened Sunday night, when the Israeli police fired randomly at two suspects who had opened fire on a house and two other young men unrelated to the incident, killing one of the shooters and another unrelated person, as well as the other injured as well.

The police claimed that “during their activities in Tamra, they noticed that two suspects opened fire towards a house. As a result, the police tried to arrest them and a shoot out occurred, killing two and wounding others.”

Score of Palestinian journalists protesting the killing left a WhatsApp group that was set up to ease access between the journalists and the Israeli police as well.

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