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Fatah movement announces the date of the reconciliation talks in Cairo

the meeting of the factions in Cairo will focus on the majority of the files that concern the Palestinian citizen.

Jerusalem24 – The secretary of the Fatah Central Committee, Jibril Rajoub, said today, Monday, that a comprehensive national dialogue will start in Cairo on February 8th, According to the Palestinian News Agency.

He added that the delegations participating in the dialogue will arrive in Cairo on the seventh of this month, stressing, “They are going to the dialogue with open minds.”

The Secretary of the Central Committee of “Fatah” movement revealed in previous statements to “Al-Arabiya.net” that the movement had received an invitation from Egyptian officials for a meeting of the Palestinian factions in Cairo, to conduct a discussion on elections, reconciliation and ending the division.

In addition, he said that the meeting of the factions in Cairo will focus on the majority of the files that concern the Palestinian citizen, his life, his daily living conditions, and the problems he suffers from, a desire to reach final solutions that end his suffering,the meeting will also discuss the mechanisms of elections, the judiciary, security and the success of the democratic process, stressing that there are some problems being tackled before reaching the national dialogue in Cairo.

He stated that the Fatah movement is committed to the success of the dialogue and to reaching solutions and a final settlement to the problems that haunt the Palestinians, far from any partitions or polarization, stressing that the movement will run the next legislative elections with a national program that unites and does not separate and allows the participation of the largest public base to come out with a list that expresses the Palestinian people, and prevents the re-export of faces And stressing the need to keep the files of Jerusalem and the prisoners outside the political disputes.

The Fatah and Hamas movements held meetings in the Egyptian capital Cairo last November to reach an agreement on reconciliation.

In the dialogue, the two movements discussed completing the comprehensive partnership path and building national action based on a full national partnership in political institutions. Officials of the two movements also held meetings with Egyptian officials, which dealt with discussing reconciliation, ending the division, and arranging for the elections.

The Egyptian officials’ talks with Hamas included discussion of the situation in the Gaza Strip after the launch of rockets at Israel, and other files related to reconciliation and movement through the Rafah crossing and easing the siege on the Strip.


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