After the new update of “WhatsApp” a big loophole was discovered

WhatsApp is never like before.

Jerusalem24 – The Biggest search engine, Google, has begun indexing social groups through the “WhatsApp” application, and showing them to the public, which means eliminating a large part of the privacy that users of the application enjoyed.

This development, which was revealed by an Indian researcher in cyber security, comes days after the announcement of the change in the privacy policy in the application, forcing users to share some of their information with “Facebook”, which sparked widespread anger.

Researcher Rajeshkar Rajarya said in a tweet on “Twitter” that the groups in the app are no longer as safe as you expect.

The researcher published a picture documenting the “Google” indexing of some groups on “WhatsApp”.

He added that groups formed by sending users a link to join them are vulnerable to data breach.

Hacking means that the personal files of the participants in these groups will become available to anyone on the Internet, and anyone may be able to join the group and obtain confidential data in it.

The “Arab Gate for Technical News” stated that this matter was discovered for the first time in 2019, and it appears that it was addressed last year after it became common.

Moreover, Groups that send links to users to subscribe may be vulnerable to hacking.

Technical sites stated that the security vulnerability already exists, and there are groups on “WhatsApp” that can be joined by force, enabling hackers to find information such as phone numbers and pictures of their accounts, after a simple search on “Google” and the hacker may remain in the group for some time before being caught.

The portal indicated that “WhatsApp” may currently work to fix this loophole.

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