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The first shipment of settlement products arrives in the UAE

products includes olive oil, honey and wine.

Jerusalem24 – The first shipment of products from settlements built on Palestinian lands in the West Bank, which includes olive oil, honey and wine, arrives in the UAE.

According to the Seventh Hebrew Channel, the first shipment was sent to the UAE by the settlement “Tora” wine factory in the “Psagot” settlement, which is built on Palestinian lands near Ramallah, and which works in the fields of oil, olives, honey and wine.

Indicating that the wine marketing process started early for businessmen and others from foreign countries residing in Dubai.

The head of the West Bank Settlements Council, “Yossi Dagan”, participated in the packaging process for the shipment boxes, who recently took the initiative to sign agreements to export settlement products to the UAE.

Dagan described what happened as a “historic day” for the settlements, expressing his hope “to transfer similar products to other Arab countries soon.”

He also called for increasing settlement construction and pushing for one million Israelis to settle in those settlements to keep them as an economic power.

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