Microbiologist slams anti-vax myths

As the Covid-19 vaccines are distributed, anti-vaccine propaganda is still a challenge

Jerusalem24 – Health experts are increasingly concerned that conspiracy theorists spreading misinformation can convince vulnerable people to avoid the Covid-19 vaccines. As the quick distribution of the vaccine is critical in ending the global pandemic that began a year ago, many scientists want to combat the myths about the vaccines before they spread even further.

In a video hosted by Technology Networks, Dr. Erik Yager, associate professor of Microbiology at the Center for Biopharmaceutical Education and Training, explained the realities of vaccinations as well as how not taking the vaccine is crucial for public health.

The vaccines produced by Pfizer and Moderna have been targeted by many conspiracy theories. This is due to new technology used in these vaccines called “mRNA,” which was created by using some of Covid-19’s genetic code. While some conspiracy theories allege that this could rewrite our DNA, Dr. Yager explains that “This type of vaccine cannot incorporate into our genome.” He also added that “while our DNA can create mRNA proteins, our body does not contain the machinery to in the reverse from RNA to DNA.”

Yager also reassured that the vaccines are not toxic, combatting claims that vaccines contain high levels of dangerous substances like mercury and formaldehyde. He explains that “most of of these materials are in such vanishingly small amounts or have been removed in the processing, that they pose no harm to us.”

Yager also dismissed the concept of developing “herd immunity” by letting the virus spread naturally. This is an idea that was explored by some countries such as Sweden. However it has since been largely abandoned due to the high death rate associated with herd immunity, and danger of long-term health issues faced by Covid survivors.

As the different vaccines are rolling out across the world, the distribution will only increase as we enter 2021. If you know someone worried about getting vaccinated, this video should reassure you that there is nothing to worry about.



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