The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania rejects Trump’s lawsuit

Trump's headquarters also filed a lawsuit in a Georgian court.

Jerusalem24 – The Pennsylvania Supreme Court rejected a lawsuit filed by US President Donald Trump’s campaign headquarters arguing that the state’s largest city, Philadelphia, had limited observers’ ability to monitor the vote count.

The court considered the election commission’s rulings “reasonable” because it “allowed the candidates’ representatives to monitor how the commission carried out its activities in accordance with the election law.”

Earlier, the United States’ Third Circuit Court of Appeals rejected the Republican Party’s claim to revoke nearly 10,000 late-arriving Pennsylvania ballots.

And Pennsylvania is one of the main states that can determine the outcome of the US presidential election until the winner is announced there. In addition to this mandate, Trump’s headquarters also filed a lawsuit in a Georgian court requiring local election commissions to comply with a law counting and storing ballots received by mail.


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