US Congressmen condemn Israeli demolitions property

The congressmen also sent a letter to the US Secretary of State

Jerusalem24 – 40 members of Congress called on the American administration to intervene and stop the Israeli policy of demolishing Palestinian homes, in addition to calls to oppose Israel’s intentions to annex parts of the West Bank.

In a letter sent to US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo earlier today Wednesday, several Congressmen condemned the Israeli authorities’ demolition of the Bedouin village of Homsa Al Fouqa in the Jordan valley. The demolition had displaced 73 Palestinians, including 41 children.

The letter described that the Israeli annexation policy is creeping on the Palestinian territories because of the silence of the US government. The letter also called on the secretary of state to condemn Palestinian house demolition policies that had previously affected the village of Al-Khan Al-Ahmar.

In the letter there were also calls for the Secretary of State to examine whether equipment donated by the US government to Israel was used in the demolition of the Palestinian village. This letter comes at a time when US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo intends to visit the occupied Golan Heights and Israeli settlements other than the ones located in the West Bank.

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