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Nablus Governorate to close for 5 days

The lock down comes as Coronavirus cases spike

Jerusalem24 – The Coronavirus emergency response committee in the Nablus Governorate, on Sunday, decided the complete lockdown of the Nablus Governorate from 7PM until 6PM next Saturday.

In a statement, the committee announced, after their meeting with Palestinian Health Minister Mai Kaileh and in the context of the emergency law that President Mahmoud Abbas declared; the closure of the governorate due to the increasing number of cases. Also in the statement, was that the number of cases have reached a dangerous level, as the capacity of local hospitals has reached the maximum.

The committee called for increased monitoring and an increase on fines against violators of health procedures and protocols. The committee also stated that it will review the procedures and decisions taken to diagnose the situation of the pandemic in the governorate.

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