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Al-Amad Halva a signature in Jerusalem’s history

"I love the sweets I make as I love my children."

Jerusalem24 – Long time ago in 1880, AL-Amad family introduced the Halva in Palestine, Jerusalem. At that time they didn’t know this will make a signature in the Palestinian history for more than 100 years and transferring it generation after generation until it is now part of the city’s identity. The Al-Amad family is one of the most famous families, who moved from Nablus to Jerusalem decades ago with the sweet making industry.

In the Khan al-Zayt neighborhood in Jerusalem, Rebhy Al-Amad finds pleasure in his profession, which is the manufacture of halva, which he inherited from his father, who in turn learned it from his grandfather, who founded Al-Amad store in Jerusalem in 1880, and they’re willing to continue this cycle despite the occupation’s policies to restrict the merchants of Jerusalem, Al-Amad insist on working, improving and creating many recipes and developing their flavors to this day.

Rebhy Al-Amad Jr told Jerusalem24, The Israeli authorities banned the Al-Amad stores from manufacturing in Jerusalem in the 70s. Hence they moved their industry to Nablus but kept their distributing small store in the Old City in Jerusalem with an old man with a smile on his face, doing with love his profession as much as he loves his halva.

Al-Amad says, “I love the sweets I make as I love my children.”

a signature in the Palestinian history for more than 100 years

Al-Amad is well known for their long love for traditional manufacturing with the bare human hands without the use of machines to preserve their inherited recipe, their product’s ingredients and quality, maintain their costumer’s satisfaction and the perfect flavor they’ve always loved.

Al-Amad Jr to Jerusalem24, The Israeli occupation implement restrictions on the Palestinian merchants in the Old City and on the visitors entering the Old City who are what Al-Amad and many others depend on in their work. Meanwhile and in the spread of Corona virus those restrictions were tightened even more, which affected the sales even in holy events in which Palestinians buy this kind of sweets, not only AL-Amad but all stores in the Old City.

Al-Amad store in the Old City of Jerusalem Photo Credit: Al-Amad Halva

Rebhy AL-Amad, Moatsem Al-Amad and Rebhy JR continued their family’s profession and will keep making history and making Halva for the rest of their lives and teaching their children and grand children to stand despite of the occupation.

Rebhy Jr said to Jerusalem24, “Our family worked in this profession, made our money from it.”

He added,”I ‘m very proud and I hope my kids will continue this heritage.”

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