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The Palestinian Jordan Valley witnessed the most horrific demolition in 12 years

Residents are constantly subjected to demolition of their homes and  properties by the Israeli Occupation.

Jerusalem24 – Israeli Military Forces, yesterday Tuesday, completely demolished the Homsa Al-Foka community in the Tubas governorate in the northeast of the West Bank, and on the borders with Jordan, leaving nearly 80 citizens homeless after the demolition of 70 housing facilities and livestock pens. The Israeli forces removed the Homsa Al-Foka community (east of Tubas) from existence, displacing its residents and demolished 75 facilities between homes and barns, and the fate of 85 people is now uncertain, including 35 children.

While Palestinian media reported that the official in charge of the northern Jordan Valley file in the “Wall and Settlement Resistance Commission”, Moataz Bsharat stated that, “This demolition operation is considered the most horrific that the Jordan Valley witnessed in 12 years.” He further explained that “this Palestinian community has been in existence for more than 40 years, and its residents work in raising livestock.”

The Israeli Military Forces claim that transferring the area into a military zone within “Area C”, which is subjected to full Israeli control in accordance with the Oslo II Accords between the Palestinian Liberation Organization and Israel.

The Israeli authorities demolished all the shelters, sheep pens; mobile bathrooms, solar cells and water tanks, and Bisharat indicated that “Homsa Al-Foka has been declared, as a disaster.”

In the same context, the Palestinian Prime Minister condemned the demolitions carried out by the Israeli Military Forces on his Facebook page, “We condemn this demolition, which is the largest of its kind against our steadfast people in the Jordan Valley, and represents a new Israeli violation and a violation of international law, it’s an additional challenge for us and the international community. It’s a systematic destruction that obstructs the possibility of establishing an independent state of Palestine on the 1967 borders with Jerusalem as its capital.” He continued, “We call our international partners to intervene to put an end to the occupation’s attempts to displace the people of Homsa Al-Foka and dozens of similar communities from their homes and lands, and to protect our people from the continuous violations against them.”

He also added that the Israeli authorities “have chosen a time when all eyes are focused on the American elections, to cover up their crime.”

Meanwhile,The Israeli Forces raided Khirbet Ibziq with large numbers of soldiers on Tuesday morning. Surrounding the homes of citizens, and seizing nine agricultural tractors, five water tanks, five tow trucks, two private vehicles, and verbally informed 15 families to evacuate the area within one day.

Khirbet Ibziq is home to 45 families, with a population is about two hundred people, who live mainly on agriculture and livestock. The total area of the village, including agricultural lands and pastoral lands with over 11000 Acres, of which the Israelis previously seized about 2400 of them in favor of the separation wall’s expansion.

Furthermore, the head of “Ibziq” village council, Abd al-Majid Khudairat pointed out, “these attacks are unprecedented, whether in Khirbet Ibziq or in other Jordan Valley areas, as it is considered the largest so far.”

He explained in an interview with “Wafa,” the official Palestinian News Agency, that Khirbet Ibziq has been subjected to many forms of violations over the years. Most notably the military exercises that are constantly taking place on its lands, and the result of which is the destruction of large areas of cultivated land in addition to many injuries and the deaths of many Palestinians.

Khudairat is afraid of expected large-scale operations and deportations of all the people in the community. Affirming these fears are the warnings to 15 families to evacuate the area at once.

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