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73 Palestinian prisoners infected with Coronavirus in Gilboa

The prison is now under lockdown.

Jerusalem24 – The Prisoners and Executives Affairs Commission announced this morning, Tuesday, that the number of prisoners infected with the Coronavirus in the Israeli prison of Gilboa has increased to 73, and that the number is expected to increase in the coming hours and days.

The commission stated that the prison administration completely closed the prison and canceled all visits, and announced that it would transfer all the infected to “Solomon” prison.

In its report, the commission condemned the bad measures, the lack of preventive and precautionary measures inside the prisons, and the administration’s negligence in preserving the safety of the detainees. The commission stressed that the deliberate and systematic Israeli policy of negligence is what made the prisoners a target for Coronavirus and all the epidemics and dangerous diseases that can end their lives.

The commission also pointed out, that a number of prisoners infected with the Coronavirus, in the middle of last week, had felt symptoms of the disease. When the prison administration was informed of this, it ignored the matter and did not conduct any tests for them.

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