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Palestinian teacher selected as one of 60 inspiring women from around the world

Rana Ziadeh, from Gaza, was chosen for her work in teaching Mathematics.

Jerusalem24 – Palestinian teacher Rana Ziadeh was chosen to be one of 60 inspiring women around the world by the International Women’s Foundation in the United States of America. An achievement that the Palestinian Ministry of Education has stated is an important milestone for Gaza and Palestine in international forums.

Ziadeh, holds a master’s degree in curricula and methods of teaching mathematics and works as a mathematics teacher at Al Zahraa Governmental Secondary School for Girls in the East Gaza Education Directorate. She was able to gain recognition in the field of education after implementing several initiatives, including the innovation of the application of a qualitative teaching method, which is a web based method for teaching mathematics to high school students, and designing an interactive website benefiting from the “google sites service”, and overall finding new ways to engage with her students remotely during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Among her achievements that qualified her is that she has a proven record in educational excellence and creativity, as she won the State of Palestine Award for Creativity and Educational Research for the year 2015, and took first place in the Palestine Inspiration competition for the same year, and she won the “My Initiative” launched by the Ministry of Education in Gaza for the year 2017, and she was the first teacher to publish a refereed research paper entitled Digital Empowerment in Mathematics in cooperation with a doctor from Malaysia, where the paper was presented at a specialized study day held in the East Gaza Education Directorate.

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