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Israeli bill to withdraw the nationality of any Arab who receives PA salary

The Knesset had previously approved the confiscation of the PA clearance funds that Israel is withholding. 

Jerusalem24 – Eighteen Knesset members from Likud, Israel Our Home, Shas, as well as Blue and White signed a bill initiated by Knesset member Avi Dichter, according to which the Minister of the Interior will have exclusive power to withdraw the nationality of any Arab citizen in Israel who receives receive a victim or prisoners’ salary from the Palestinian Authority.

Israel Today reported that, according to Dichter, “it is not reasonable for these people to continue to enjoy Israeli citizenship and receive financial rewards for carrying out operations against Israel.”

The explanatory memorandum for the bill states that “many of the defendants who hold Israeli citizenship or Israeli residency and in fact receive monthly salaries from the Palestinian Authority as a reward for carrying out attacks against Israelis.” These salaries increase gradually with the increase in his prison sentence. ”

According to the newspaper, for example, those who killed a soldier in 1980 receive a monthly salary of 12,000 shekels from the Palestinian Authority.

It is also proposed to stipulate in the law that any prisoner of Israeli citizenship or residency will be deported if he is released from Israel to the territories of the Palestinian Authority.

The Knesset had previously approved the confiscation of money paid by the Palestinian Authority to the families of prisoners and victims from the clearance funds that Israel is withholding.

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