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Sudan agrees to return immigrants from Israel

Netanyahu to form a committee to return asylum seekers to Sudan

Jerusalem24 – The Israeli newspaper “Jerusalem Post” said today, Sunday, that the Sudanese government has agreed to the return of a large number of Sudanese immigrants and asylum seekers during the past few years.

The newspaper quoted a report by the Israeli Military Radio that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu intends to form a professional committee, to undertake the task of drawing up plans for the return of Sudanese migrants and asylum seekers to their country of origin.

The report pointed out that high-ranking Israeli officials revealed that officials in Khartoum agreed to the return of the migrants, and that the Israeli government was seeking to return them to Sudan as soon as possible.

Some Israeli cabinet ministers said Sudan had already agreed to accept the migrants, according to the Post.

For his part, Aryeh Deri, a spokesman for the Israeli Interior Ministry, said on Saturday that it is still not known whether there will be an agreement with Sudan to deport the migrants, while another official said that “the issue is still before us.”

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