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Erekat’s Family: He is still breathing using a ventilator

Erekat was infected 3 weeks ago

Jerusalem24 –  The family of the Secretary of the Executive Committee of the PLO, Saeb Erekat, reported that there has been no change in his health status since yesterday.

His daughter, Dr. Salam Erekat explained, in statements to “Palestine TV”, that three weeks have passed since her father was infected with the “Corona” virus, of which he spent a week in the hospital, and he is still breathing using an artificial respirator connected to the ICMO system to support the functions of his respiratory system.

She added, “Several days ago, he underwent a lung endoscopy, the results of which showed that he did not suffer from any viruses or any types of bacteria, but it was found that there is a type of fungus that affects people who suffer from weak immunity, since he underwent three years ago a lung transplant.”

Erekat wished that her father will respond to treatments and recover from the Corona Virus.

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