Corona around the world

More than one million and 118 thousand deaths, 40 million and 287 thousand injuries

Jerusalem24 – The latest announced global statistics on the Corona pandemic “Covid-19”, this Monday morning, showed that the number of deaths due to infection with the virus reached 1,118,400, while the number of infected people reached 40,287,379, of whom 30,121,712 recovered.

Corona continues to spread in 213 countries, territories and regions around the world, and yesterday, Sunday, 324 thousand and 930 new infections were recorded, and during the last 24 hours, 3,971 deaths were caused.

Statistics showed that the five countries that recorded the highest death toll in one day in the world on Sunday were India (578), America (448), Mexico (355), Iran (252), and Brazil (215).

She pointed out that the five countries that recorded the highest number of new infections yesterday in one day were, respectively, India (55,511), America (44,941), France (29,837), Britain (16,982), and Russia (15,099).

America continues to lead the countries of the world with the highest death toll and injuries, and the statistics indicated that the five countries that are considered to be the most affected by the pandemic this morning are: America (224,730 deaths), Brazil (153,905 deaths), India (114,642 deaths), and Mexico (86,167 deaths), And Britain (43,646 deaths).

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