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Israel demolishes home and structures South of Hebron

A family of five left homeless

Jerusalem24 – Sunday morning, the Israeli authorities demolished a populated house, a tent, and a barracks in the “Al-Fekheit” area, south of Hebron.

Fouad Al-Amor, the Coordinator of the Protection and Resilience Committees in the mountains of southern Hebron, stated that a large force of Israeli troops raided the area, and the owner of the house did not give time to get his belongings out of his house, before they demolished it.

Al-Amor added: “The house of Akram Sari Abu Subha has been demolished, and its area is estimated at about 70 square meters, and he lives with his family, numbering five members, in addition to a 200 square meter barracks used for storing fodder, and a tent of about 35 square meters, and his house goods were mixed with Feed. “

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