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Israeli Army: Confrontation with Hezbollah is imminent

Tensions between Hezbollah and Israel has never been this high

Jerusalem24 – Reports in the Israeli Media showed that Israeli army commanders believe that a military conflict with the Lebanese group Hezbollah is closer than ever, and that Hezbollah is determined for a stand off.

Tensions have been on the rise for over 80 days since last July, after skirmishes between Hezbollah and the Israeli military occurred on the borders between Israel and Lebanon. Despite talks of negotiations to demarcate the maritime borders between the two countries, the Israeli military believes that a clash with the Lebanese party is imminent.

It is noteworthy that Israel has threatened in recent weeks that if soldiers or civilians are attacked, it will not be satisfied with responding against limited targets of Hezbollah, and that the Lebanese government will pay the price. The fear is that a series of strikes and reactions will lead to a broad confrontation with Hezbollah, which will not be like any other confrontation Israel has experienced in the past.

The report says that the Northern Command of the Israeli army is exerting its utmost efforts to avoid this confrontation, but the military leaders in the region believe that the circumstances indicate that the confrontation with Hezbollah has never been this close before.

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