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Minister of Health: “Youth have died due to the Coronavirus”

"Dark days coming"

Jerusalem24 – Dr. Mai Al-Kailah, Palestinian Minister of Health, warned of the increase in the number of deaths infected with the Coronavirus, especially among the youth who do not suffer from any other chronic diseases.

The Minister of Health continued, in an interview with Voice of Palestine Radio this morning, Thursday, “that the cases infected with the Corona virus and arrive at hospitals are very difficult and the disease has escalated in the lungs, and this can lead to death.”

The Minister of Health also warned of a high increase in the spread of the virus in the coming days and the importance of limiting its spread. Especially before the start of the winter, calling on all citizens to reduce gatherings, especially in social events, and to adhere to the Ministry of Health’s instructions of social distancing and wearing masks.

Kaileh said that the beds in the country’s hospitals have become greatly occupied with those infected with the Coronavirus, which constitutes a crisis in the coming days, noting that the ministry is working to secure sufficient numbers of testing kits for the next three months.

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