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Knesset extends the state of emergency due to Corona for another week

The decision was approved by the majority of the members

Jerusalem24 – The Israeli government approved, late Tuesday evening, the proposal to extend work in accordance with special emergency instructions, for an additional week, which would allow restrictions on public events.

This decision was approved by the majority of the heads of the coalition government, especially the “Blue and White” party led by Benny Gantz.

The data released by the Israeli Ministry of Health on the spread of the epidemic during the last twenty-four hours, showed the beginning of a decline in the number of infections thanks to the tight closure imposed on the country during recent weeks. However, the percentage of the rate of infection is still very high.

The report of the Israeli Ministry of Health indicated that about one hundred and eighty-five residential communities in Israel are classified either red or orange. The rate of occupancy of beds in Corona departments in various hospitals has reached 79%. The Ministry of Health warned that if the transfer of patients whose condition is described as dangerous continues at its current pace, then the quality of medical treatment provided in hospitals may be affected, which may lead to the death of patients.



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