Al-Issawiya, daily raids and confrontations

Israeli military conducted 42 arrests since the beginning of this October

Jerusalem24 – For the sixth consecutive day the Israeli military forces launched a campaign of arrests in the town of Al-Issawiya, outside Jerusalem, following house raids.

The people of Issawiya explained that the Israeli authorities, with their various forces and elements, have been targeting the town for several days. Despite the announcement of a general closure as part of preventive measures to limit the spread of the coronavirus.

The residents added that the occupation intelligence services, since the beginning of this month, stormed homes and arrested young men and boys, then released them without submitting an indictment against them, and the aim of that was to pressure the youth and their families.

According to local sources in the town, the Israeli forces arrested Muhammad Thaer Mahmoud, Tariq Musa Obaid, Reda Muhammad Ubaid, Muhammad Ibrahim Ubaid, and Majd Bashir.

The residents added that the Israeli police set up barriers around the clock at the entrances to al-Issawiya and inside its streets, where they deliberately stopped vehicles and liberated random violations. During the evening hours the occupation forces targeted homes and neighborhoods with flash bangs, tear gas and rubber bullets, which led to violent confrontations.

They pointed out that the demolition process also did not stop in Al-Issawiya during the “closure period,” as it destroyed agricultural sheds at the beginning of this month and bulldozed agricultural lands in the eastern region of the town.

The Wadi Hilweh Information Center confirmed that, since the beginning of October, the occupation forces have escalated the arrests in Al-Issawiya, as it has monitored 42 arrests from the town, including 9 boys. The Israeli authorities also imposed house confinement for several days as well as payments for bail.

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