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Hamas is holding talks to draw up a roadmap to meet the secretaries-general

Meetings were held with various Palestinian forces and factions.

Jerusalem24 – Hamas spokesman Hazem Qassem announced that the movement held extensive consultations with the Palestinian forces and factions to work together on a roadmap for a meeting with the General Secretaries, with the aim of organizing the Palestinian internal situation.

He stressed in a statement, that the meetings included talking about the PLO and its institutions, and activating popular resistance on the ground to face the growing risks aimed at liquidating the Palestinian issue.

He explained that the various contacts aim to strengthen, fortify and advance national consensus.

He said that the movement is in constant contact with the Egyptians, affirming that they are aware and are following the developments over the course of the national dialogues. He also said that Cairo has shown its support for the process of “re-arranging the Palestinian house”.

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