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Palestinian Trade Union demands that Egypt release 5 Gazan fishermen

The fishermen were beaten and tortured during the detention period

Jerusalem24 – The Palestinian General Federation of Trade Unions called on the Egyptian authorities to release five fishermen, who are still being detained until this moment.

In a press statement, the General Union congratulated the fishermen; Raafat Qanan (35 years) and Tariq Qanan (31 years) on the occasion of their release from Egyptian prisons after seven months of detention, hoping that it will be a good gesture from the Egyptian authorities confirming the strength of the historical relationship between the two peoples.

The trade unions revealed that the fishermen were beaten and tortured during the detention period, in violation of human rights. They were prevented from talking with their families throughout the detention period, and their detention conditions were poor and did not meet the minimum requirements of life.

The trade union explained that the Egyptian authorities issued a one-year prison sentence to four fishermen, Muhammad Subuh and Mahmoud Shabana who were were arrested on March 22nd, 2020, and Abdel Aziz Subuh and Anas Badwan who the Egyptian Navy arrested on June 25th, 2020. The fishermen were subjected to severe torture. The trade union called on the Egyptian authorities to treat the fishermen as brothers and to respect the historical relations between the Palestinian and Egyptian peoples, adding “We are one people, and a brother cannot attack his brother and participate in the occupation and the siege of fishermen.”

The trade unions added, “We have become accustomed to supporting the Palestinian cause throughout the history of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. That is why we hope the Egyptian government will release the fishermen.”

The trade union emphasized that the fishermen are venturing to search for a livelihood, and flee from the brutality of the Israeli occupation, which confiscates boats, kills fishermen, and pursues them daily, towards neighboring Egypt, “to be surprised by the attack on them, the last of which was the martyrdom of the fishermen Mahmoud and Hassan Al-Zaazoua and the arrest of their brother Yasser, who has not been released by the Egyptian authorities until the moment.

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